Friday, June 22, 2018

It's been a while

Wow,  it has been such a long while since I last updated this space.
It's been more than a year and that's really surprising... considering the countless posts that I've posted and times I've turned to this space whenever I have something on my mind and heart; this was my outlet.
Writing on this interface also feels rather nostalgic too, reminiscing about the times way back.

It's not a given that I would be updating this space constantly, for something about this interface and space just feels a little foreign even perhaps?
Or maybe because I want to preserve things, the post from before.
I wanted it to be a chapter from my life that I close as I move forward to a new chapter in life.

With that being said, there's no exciting new plans or changes in my life as of now that would entail this supposed new chapter, however I am looking forward for whatever plans God has for me.

Till the next time :)

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Review: BeautyKeeper {Sponsored Post}

{Sponsored Post}

Asides from the exposure and influence we get from mass media, typically from American and European countries for all beauty and fashion related news; don't forget about our fellow neighbouring countries like Taiwan, Japan and Korea, which I'm sure we all love as well!
Despite America being the country for beauty and fashion brands, our Asian counterparts are actually equally and if not better at beauty innovations! Plus, being Asian, I'm sure beauty products created from Asian countries are more suited for our skin and such. (Y) 

Received a package the other day from BeautyKeeper, which brings you award-winning, innovative and novel beauty products from Taiwan! In the package were 3 products that I'll be reviewing today for you guys, so you can have a better idea of whether these products would suit you. ^^ 

Jan Dan Rose Facial Essence - Moisturising Cosmetics Water

Jan Dan Rose Facial Essence - BeautyKeeper Taiwan

Initially I thought the Cosmetic Water was a similar concept to Micellar Cleansing Water because of the way it's named. Haha, but turns out this product is applied right after cleansing your face. Jan Dan Rose Facial Essence is the 1st step in your beauty skincare regime which helps speed your skin cell turnover rate, as it stimulates collagen and elestin production whilst protecting your skin from external aggression.
Collagen and Elestin Production? Count me in! I mean as your skin ages, collagen production decrease which means slower recovery from pimple scar and your skin loses its elasticity.
So this Rose Facial Essence is going to definitely going to be a staple in my beauty regime amidst the many products that I piled on LOL.

Thus far, I've enjoyed applying Jan Dan Rose Facial Essence after cleansing for its rose scent and its claimed collagen and elestin production. Although I haven't seen much of a difference with my skin since I've only been using it for a few weeks, but I'll keep you guys updated on it!
Oh Jan Dan Rose Facial Essence also has a few certifications, so don't worry about the product being iffy whatsoever!
- USDA ORGANIC certified Aloe Vera & Zemea
- EcoCErt certified Zema
- IFRA certified rose extract essence.

Serlando Rosy Pink Moisture Dew 

Serlando 2016 Best Seller Item - Rosy Pink Moisture Dew, helps lighten and beautify your skin based on your skin's pH level. Its design is convenient and easy, which means you can bring it on the go and apply it whenever you feel like it. ;)
Just a note that this product is only meant for the lips! Since upon application, it thus bring a hint of pretty pink, so don't apply anywhere else on your skin! Speaking from first hand experience. HAHA XD
Plus, Serlando products were made in the U.S for 20 years whilst making sure to provide and create safe, fast and effective professional skin products for its users.

Minorca Skin Ideal Flawless Beauty Cushion Mousse 

 Minorca Skin Ideal Flawless Beauty Cushion Mousse  - BeautyKeeper Taiwan

As someone who's doesn't use much correcting makeup products (I only use concealer and a brightening base XD), I thought this was an opportunity for me to try out the Beauty Cushion Mousse from Minorca Skin.
Firstly, it's not just a cushion, it's a cushion mousse which intrigued me, since I wasn't sure how different it would be from a normal cushion other than its texture.
The Beauty Cushion Mousse claims to provide the perfect lightweight coverage, to help even out your skintone and help reduce redness. Plus its oil control systemall helps hydrates your skin at the same time with extraction of herbaceous plants for Herbal Natural Healing to repair damaged skin.
Thus far, I enjoyed the product but since I don't use that much concealing makeup products other than concealer, I can't comment much on this product.

Although, I've to mentioned that the product that I got was poorly packaged? Refer to pictures below~

The sponge puff that came felt like it was of an inferior quality :/ 

I found the packaging to sub-par, and it was rather difficult to get that protective layer cover up, and the product came through as well when I first received it. 


Alright, that concludes my review!
If you wish to get any beauty products from Taiwan, be sure to check out Beauty Keeper!
Also enjoy free shipping if you spend over $200 in one purchase, plus don't worry if don't like your products because there's a 30 days free return! Just remember to follow their return policy to ensure your items are entitled to free returns!

Till then! :)

Friday, February 17, 2017

Well, it has really been a long while since I last blogged here...
It's been that long that I didn't even realised Blogger sort of changed their interface here and that.

Let's just say last year was a year of both good and bad... A large contrast of each halves of the year.
The first half had me experiencing things and emotions that I hadn't thought that I would for a long while, whilst also experiencing the fun and fleeting moments.
The second half got me wondering if I've gotten so used to those emotions and feelings that I'm desensitised from it to a point where I ridicule at how pathetic I felt.

Well, you see... I see...
Life always has its ups and downs...
It's the most cliche phrase ever that's so overused that I ridiculed at those who used it whilst at the same time getting ridiculed for using it.
But life itself is a ridiculous journey isn't it?

Thus far, 2017 has been great for me aside from the inevitable disagreements from not seeing eye to eye and the much hated standard calls and procedures of an organisation.
As much as I'm once again looking forward to a great year...
I seem to have caught myself up again, the pessimistic side of me...
That has caught up to doubting myself and the people whom I meet and encountered... as well as the choices and situations that I'll face in the near or far future.


I hope to graduate with better grades of course XDI hope to be able to do and achieve the things that I set out to
I hope to be there; be present.
I hope to seek and fight, for myself.
I hope to learn to be selfish for myself.
I hope to be more giving, for those who matters.
I hope to be able to express myself more confidently. 

For all these hopes..
I hope.

I had initially wanted to section this part off... but I don't want to hide and be a coward.

I enjoy meeting people, just as much as I fear striking a conversation and maintaining it before it turns into awkward silence whereby it becomes a game of "I stare at you, you stare at me... And before we know it we make our awkward exit and probably never see each other again".
I was never the kind of person who would partake in a social gathering, albeit a different case for a gathering between friends... Although I must add, it takes quite the effort even for me to register my attendance for a gathering between friends, that includes not seeing them for an extended period of time.
Many would scoffed at my... way of handling things...
"Why wouldn't you want to meet up with friends whom you've not seen for an extended period of time? You're such a spoil sport... Maybe that's why you have no friends other than those few.."
Well of course, no one ever said that to me... But I figured it to be a stereotypical statement given by society, because humans must have human interactions and connections with one another, shouldn't we?

But I can be devoid of these so called human interactions and connections... for a period of time maybe...
Or so I believed.
I got my first "friend" when I was 7 years old... Happily thinking how lucky I was to make a friend so quickly. But instead I got drenched as my cheerful and hopefulness got poured cold water with...
I was devastated, cheated, humiliated, furious.
Then I swore that I'll never believe anyone again...
That everyone are liars and I rather have no friends, that I wish I was the only person on Earth.
What a scary and dreadful thought a 7 year old could have had then.
I must have been heartbroken and scarred... Because for the next half of my life, I never believe in this thing called "friendship". Everyone was fake, everyone will never be genuine... never.
And I only had what I cherished the most then... Family.
Who knew that a few years down the road... I would come to make friendships that changed my whole perspective.. albeit a few that unexpectedly left me torn and broken again. But I chose to be optimistic for that rare few times in my life.
And so I've come to make lifelong friendships that I hope will stay...
But before that, my life was already utterly crushed... What I believed and loved? It no longer exists, it seems to even cease to exist... leaving only its pathetic shell to let me reminisce whilst bringing such excruciating pain at the same time.
I told myself I'm fine... after all, what have I not experienced?
And so I deluded myself, or rather I tried escaping from the truth...Whilst I'm still doing that till this day, I've come to accept some things will remain what it is... some things and memories will only ever be in the past. And I've lost a true love that once brought me so much joy and happiness... Well... I digress...

And so came fore the new stage in one's life.. where I sought to find that other relationship, one that isn't friendship nor kinship. That sort of relationship where you somehow crazily spend so much time and energy thinking about and longing for...
All the previous experiences from the people I've acquainted with has made me wary with cautious...
But sometimes these things called feelings just come rushing through without stopping... despite the conscious effort to stop its inevitable entrance...Just like how I unknowingly made friends whom I still cherish till this day.
I got hurt, I got scared more than before... Because relationships between people, regardless of what sort of connection it may be... has left me with nothing but scars and heartache.
Because I foolishly placed so much hope on what I knew wasn't going to last even before it begins.. So foolish, but I guess I was hoping for a miracle that I was able to seek solace and comfort in someone else.
The next one was unexpected, rude, irresponsible, and all in all a disappointment once again.

The one after...?
I don't know about it, and I don't know if this is it.
But having my guard up so high; a seemingly impossible task of a wall to climb... I wondered what would happened. Would it come crashing down unexpectedly like before? Or has it already?
And if it has came crushing down, leaving the sacred kingdom unguarded...
Would its protector seek to let whatever come come fore?
Or put an end to it...?
Or create a warning sign to warn of its impending arrival?